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Home Office Organization (and More)


Last year I set as a goal to declutter my living space. I live in a 1200 square foot house with very little storage. I started on my own, going through and donating old clothing to a nearby charity thrift store. After a while, my efforts stalled. My problem areas included my pantry, my hall closet and my entire home office. Since I work at home, my office was overwhelmed with papers, books, old electronics, etc. The closet in my office was stuffed with old sporting equipment, books, clothes, etc. 


So, I contacted Tom and hired him to help me with the job. He arrived and for the next few days he worked his magic.


He has an incredible system for decluttering. It involves pulling everything out of closets, shelves, etc. and organizing it all in containers. Once everything was “out,” he placed the items on a table and together we decided what I kept and what I would donate or throw away.


For instance, Tom pulled out about 12 baseball caps. Of these, I kept four and the donated the rest. Similarly, I had tape and balls of string all throughout the house. By pulling everything out, Tom was able to place them all in newly acquired clear bins and labeling it. 


Throughout the project, Tom brought six carloads of donated items to the charity thrift store. He researched and found an upcoming free event where I could donate an old computer and two bags of various electronic items.  There were a couple of items he placed on Craigslist for sale…


I don’t consider myself as particularly attached to “things.” However, it was more difficult getting rid of things than I could have imagined. Having Tom here to navigate this process with attention and a degree of compassion was wonderful. 

When all was finished, my house is so much more spacious; I can actually fit my vacuum in the closet and if I need a flashlight, a birthday card or my sewing products, I know EXACTLY where they are.


Having Tom here was like going on a vacation. I could not recommend his talents and services enough!


-Mary S., Denver CO

Packing and Moving


Tom's greatest strengths include how he anticipates needs and his organization skills. He approaches each task with the utmost consideration to the client. I was so grateful to have the decision making broken down into logical groupings. 

Tom handled every aspect of the packing process. When donation and discard items were identified, he was quick to move them "out of sight and out of mind." Cherished and valued pieces were meticulously wrapped and packed with extreme care. 100% of my possessions arrived intact thanks to Tom. 


I would absolutely recommend Tom for any task involving organizing, down-sizing, estate settlements, and especially moving on any scale. I look forward Tom's help on future projects. He truly makes sense of the most chaotic situations in our lives.


-Katie Lamb, Nashville, TN

Whole House Organization


Coming into my home no one would ever think it was cluttered. I’m not a hoarder. But behind closed doors, “stuff” accumulated. In my garage. In my office area. In my kitchen. In my guest room closet and dresser. My husband and I had been living in our home for 10 years. I felt like we had piles that just kept moving around. It often took me hours, even days, to find things. We often would just give up and buy whatever we were looking for. We were planning to redecorate, but I knew we had to take care of all the “stuff” first.

Hiring Tom, aka Mister Organized, was the best gift I could have given myself. When Tom started, we together evaluated every room and discussed the process. He let me know that he would not get rid of anything without reviewing it with me first. Tom worked on his own throughout the day, and then at the end of the day we went through what he assembled and decided what would stay and what would go.  Here’s just a few thoughts I want to share about the process:​

  • Besides housing our cars, our garage became a holding ground for anything we didn’t know what to do with. There were a lot of items we needed to get rid of, like old furniture, books, clothings, CDs, computer equipment, etc. but didn’t have the time or wherewithal on what to do with it. 

  • Tom started making piles of similar products. The stuff we wanted to give away, Tom found second homes for them. He did the research and found an animal shelter that would take our unneeded dog items. He even found a horse ranch for special needs children and donated my old riding boots, clothes, horse blankets, etc. to this organization. That extra effort meant so much to me. He found worthy homes for our old furniture as well.
  • Of the items we kept, Tom organized them and put them in labeled bins. I just got out my Christmas decorations. Rather than searching through numerous boxes for our stockings, there they were, all together, in my holiday bin.

  • He found treasures I didn’t even remember I had. There was my Mom’s broken cookie jar in a box in the garage. Tom actually fixed it, and now it sits on my counter, and is a daily reminder of my Mom.

  • Tom found second homes for all the clothing that was cluttering my guest room closet and dresser. Now when our guests come, they can actually have places for their clothing!

  • My office area is perfectly organized. My pens, paperclips etc. are where they should be. I’m not wasting time looking for things.

  • Tom worked  incredibly well with our decorator. He’s just a great person to have around the house. He loved our three big dogs. He was quiet, respectful and kind, and always finished his day by five so Rick and I could have our evenings on our own. 

Six month later and my house remains uncluttered and organized. It’s as if he set up a system that both Rick and I are committed to maintaining. I wholeheartedly recommend Tom. He has a magic touch and will make you love your home all over again.

- Melissa Westerman, Denver CO

Moving Assistance


Mister Organized (aka Tom) recently spared me from a 500 mile roundtrip and potentially hundreds of dollars in storage fees. I recently moved from Pennsylvania to California, and had shipped moving boxes via Amtrak. But the boxes arrived in CA several days earlier than forecast, and were accumulating storage fees at the train station in Emeryville. I could not pick them up early because I was driving across country, and wanting to spend time with family along the way.  

Tom picked up the boxes, and transported to my storage locker in Berkeley.  This required working with Amtrak staff, coordinating with the storage place, and re-organizing my messy and rather full storage unit to accommodate nine additional large boxes.  

Thanks to Tom, I was able to spend extra days with my family, instead of adding an extra 500 mile roundtrip to deal with the boxes myself.  All I had to do was explain the situation to Tom and mail him a key.  He took care of the rest. I arrived to find my boxes neatly stacked at the front of the unit, somehow with room to spare.  I could not have been happier with this experience.


-Dave Collins, Emeryville, CA

Estate Organization and Clearing


It is with great pleasure that I recommend Tom Scott as a consummate "Move Out Specialist & Home Organizer." He single handedly arranged for the packing, distribution, elimination and entire clean up of a huge estate  move in Bronxville, New York. The move involved marking, packing and shipping furniture to 8 different locations. His target dates were always timely and his delivery was always on time.


At the end of this enormous project — he somehow managed to leave the premises pristine and completely cleared. He was always helpful and willing to go the extra mile to make things work perfectly. I wish we could have him here in Bronxville permanently to help with future assignments. He is great and will not disappoint.


-Anne Kelty, Realtor, Bronxville, NY

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